Incline Set Incline Set


Quickly and effortlessly build inclines

  • contains 10 segments in total

  • the lowest segment consists of 2 square bricks and a cross arm, the 9 remaining segments also contain variable height supports 

  • 10 segments span 11 train tracks = 176 studs = 140 cm

  • color: dark bluish gray

  • studs on top and holes in the bottom

  • fully compatible with Lego tracks

  • purchase separately or in a bundle including another Incline Support Set and a Highest Supports Set with a discount

  • recommended for use with straight tracks (curved tracks on an incline make the construction less stable)

  • all heights are multiples of 3.2mm (one Lego plate height)

  • take your layout to a whole new level of fun and entertainment

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