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During 2017, we realised there was a market in the UK for a LEGO Complimentary store and distributor, offering products to the Fans of LEGO market items normally sourced from across Europe and The USA, direct to the UK Fans, and also independent resellers of LEGO and LEGO associated products. TechBrick was formed in the run up to Christmas, as the UK first fully approved Reseller of the SBrick family. 2018 saw us introduce the excellent compatible rail products to the store. We are ourselves are massive LEGO fans, and have a wealth of experience in the products we choose to supply. We aren't a drop ship, we aren't a profit biased distributor, we are here to support fellow fans enjoy their hobby as much as we do.

COMING SOON! - SBrick Conversion Kits, Barclay Shunter Kits, English Electric GT3 Locomotive Kit … Plus much much more!